About Coaching

The word coaching means different things to different people. Here is what to expect if you choose me to be your coach.

Benefits of executive coaching

  • Discovering and implementing new strategies to improve work situations that challenge you now.

  • Being able to get more work done in less time and regaining a sense of control over your schedule and performance.

  • Improving interpersonal communication with your employees, peers, and superiors, to achieve higher levels of teamwork, success, and loyalty.

  • Becoming a more effective leader.

  • Reducing stress and improving well-being.

  • Feeling more confident, secure, and empowered.

  • Developing a stronger mindset and adopting new daily habits for long-lasting success.

What happens during a session

The coaching relationship is based on confidentiality, trust, and non-judgement. You can feel safe being 100% honest with me. You will tell me what you want to accomplish and I will facilitate the process primarily by asking you powerful questions to guide you to find new empowering perspectives and solutions. 

I will share with you many strategies and tools to reach your goals but it is not my role to judge or make decisions for you. My job is to empower you to make progress quickly, to feel better immediately, and to trust yourself more. 

  • During coaching sessions, you will gain more clarity on your situation and new solutions will be uncovered.

  • You will gain a sense of relief and your stress will turn into enthusiasm for what is ahead.

  • You will realize how you have the power to improve situations and reach a higher level of well-being.

  • At the end of each call, you will have new insights, breakthroughs, and action items.

Examples of coaching session agendas

  • Preparing for a potentially difficult meeting.

  • Crafting a strategy to influence with integrity.

  • Prioritizing and organizing time allocation.

  • Better understanding how your supervisor thinks and how to make your work more rewarding.

  • Creating a new approach to change employees' performance or behaviors.

  • Re-evaluating old decisions and behaviors to identify opportunities for improvement and simplification.

  • Finding new empowering perspectives on difficult situations.

  • Defining your career goals and personal brand.

  • Improving your job application or preparing for an interview.

  • Getting you motivated to follow-through on a challenging project.

  • and so much more...

How to get started

The first step is to schedule a free consultation with me to discuss your goals and the obstacles to overcome. We will outline a coaching strategy and I will recommend which coaching program is best for you. 

It is necessary for us to have this call before we start coaching, to discover if we are a good fit and make sure expectations are clear. My one-on-one time is limited and I can only accept clients who are committed to their goals and success. 

Coaching programs

I specialize in executive coaching for higher education administrators. The majority of my clients reach out to me for leadership development,  stress reduction, time optimization, and/or career advancement

Our work often includes dealing with difficult people, motivating employees, creating healthy boundaries, prioritizing and improving organization, increasing self-confidence, overcoming fears, and developing new empowering habits. 

Just like you can't exercise once and be fit for the rest of your life, or eat one healthy meal and get to your ideal weight, it is unrealistic to think that one coaching session will create the transformation and success you seek and deserve. 

For this reason, I typically ask clients to commit to a minimum of 12 coaching sessions. While coaching is powerful and can bring success quickly, changing habits and thought-patterns take time. Think of it as building muscle or reaching a level of mastery in being self-empowered. 

However, an exception can be made if you find yourself in an urgent situation that has to be resolved withing days. In those exceptional cases, we can schedule an intensive one-time appointment to deal with your immediate goal. You will have a strategy to implement right away but please understand you will only get a small fraction of the benefits coaching can bring when you give yourself more time. 

Complimentary consultation

There is no charge for a consultation because it is not a coaching session. It is an initial phone call to decide if we wish to work together. Here is the agenda:  

  1. Discuss your goals and challenges

  2. Discuss how I can help you succeed

  3. Decide if we want to work together

  4. If yes, we'll schedule your 1st coaching session and get started soon

I will only offer my services if I am confident that I have the solution you are looking for and we are a good fit. Integrity means everything to me and I won't make a commitment to you if I am not highly confident we can reach your goals together. 

If you're wondering about the investment required, let me reassure you now. Executive coaching services range from $500 to $900 per month so there is a solution for most budgets.