Client Testimonials

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“My primary goal in working with Dr. Reille was to invest in my future by improving my current situation and preparing for additional opportunities.  Dr. Reille guided me through clarifying my challenges, goals, and dreams.  At times, this was not easy, but having a coach like Dr. Reille allowed me to transform faster than I ever imagined. I was impressed by the way Dr. Reille was able to tailor our time to the specific needs of my situation. I found Dr. Reille's wisdom and understanding of higher education the perfect mix of encouragement and direction to assist me with excelling as an employee, supervisor, and leader.  She shared many resources and tools directly applicable to my work and circumstances.

Working with Dr. Reille was exactly what I needed to re-energize my work.  I'm grateful for Dr. Reille's amazing ability to challenge, support, push and encourage me to improve my work life.  What I valued most about Dr. Reille was her honesty, accountability, wisdom, and encouragement.  I would recommend Dr. Reille to others who wish to work with an executive coach to transform their current situation and invest in their future.”

- Dr. Karinda Barrett, Associate Vice Chancellor, College System

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“Being an effective higher educational administrator requires a complex set of skills.  I have found that having an executive coach is indispensable to ensure you're leading and managing at your best. Dr Audrey Reille has the ideal mix of experience and content knowledge to walk you through individual situations that arise in the life of a university administrator. She is adept at bringing her psychology background to bear so that the solution is your solution, not hers.

Our coaching sessions have covered a wide range of issues, from cabinet interpersonal dynamics, to organizational structure and culture, to career planning. In each topic area, I have found her to be knowledgeable, and extremely helpful.

I recommend Dr. Audrey Reille as a coach, whether you're developing a career trajectory, contemplating an organizational change, or focused on simply wanting to navigate the day-to-day reality of higher administration more effectively.”

- Dr. Brian J. McAulay, University President

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“While browsing higher education material on LinkedIn several years ago, I noticed that Audrey’s LinkedIn posts (both her short reminders and quote, as well as her articles) appeared a lot in my searches.  I started “following” her on LinkedIn and continued to be impressed with the quality of her posts and articles.  This past year, after colleagues and friends kept encouraging me to start looking for a “move up” in my career, I contacted Audrey for career advancement and executive coaching.  This was one of the best professional development decisions I have made. It was a great learning and discovery adventure, especially concerning tasks involved in applying for executive-level jobs.  It also was a successful journey, as I moved from a dean position to a vice presidency that is a very good fit for my skills and abilities.

Audrey is organized, holds her clients accountable, and provides clear, direct communication and expectations.  She has a wonderful perspective on life’s inevitable twists and turns (I especially liked her comment, “Don’t worry about the job for which you were not selected; that is somebody else’s job.  Your job is still out there waiting for you!”).  She encourages and supports clients who are trying to push their limits and stretch out into new territory to learn new skills and strengthen current abilities.  Her experience and knowledge of higher education paired with her training in psychology and coaching really packs a major punch in assisting clients achieve their goals.  If you are willing to work hard to achieve your goal, be it career advancement, stress management, transformational leadership, or navigation of difficult work environments, then Audrey is the coach of choice for higher education professionals.”

 - Dr. Beth Ann Krueger, Vice President of Academic Affairs


“Recently Audrey was my executive coach. I initially contacted her because our wonderful college president announced his retirement and I wanted her advice on how to manage the stress of this major change. She gave me great advice on how to focus on what was in front of me rather than worrying about the unknown. During the three months of coaching sessions, we covered several topics and she helped me to reduce the level of stress that I was experiencing. At the start of our sessions, I felt overwhelmed by the number of tasks and projects I was working on. She guided me in deciding which goals to focus on and to give myself a break. She understands the unique culture that exists in higher education and provides advice from her personal experience. She speaks the truth with empathy, compassion, and real concern for my well-being and professional growth. She's an excellent coach and I highly recommend her services.”

- Benita Clark, Vice President for Human Resources and College Safety

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“Working with Audrey has been a life-saver in my transition from full time faculty to higher education administration. With the demands of the job, there just wasn’t adequate time or support on the ground to deal with every situation and work closely with those on campus. Audrey gave me the time and attention to solve problems, talk through thought processes and beliefs, and address my own personal barriers holding me back. The skills I’ve developed through her guidance have helped me become more confident and better equipped to deal with the variety of concerns from multiple angles in higher education administration. Audrey helped me find my voice, identify my strengths and recognize all that I’ve accomplished, while reevaluating my perfectionist attitude and self-imposed pressures which weren’t serving me. I highly recommend working with Audrey; her one-on-one approach is a much better investment than any leadership training I’ve gone through.”

- Jill McDonough, Associate Dean of Intensive English Program/Basic and Transitional Studies

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"Audrey has found the perfect niche; she is ideally suited to serve as an executive coach for senior leaders in higher education. She understands the organizational structures, culture, and complexity of academia. I immediately felt at ease with her, and I knew I could confide in her and bring up any subject. Her experience in higher education has prepared her to tackle any topic that emerges during our coaching sessions.

Audrey’s coaching had a tremendous impact on me. She helped me manage the uncertainty associated with a rigorous search process. She is very perceptive, and I found that her wisdom and ‘outsider’ status yielded many actionable insights. It was great to have her as a sounding board. She helped me identify my biggest opportunities to take my leadership skills to the next level. I added some new tools to my toolbox, and I am approaching my role with a greater sense of calmness and confidence.

I highly recommend Audrey’s services."

- Dr. Christine E. Miller, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

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“I first came to “know” Audrey through her insightful articles and posts on LinkedIn. As I read her posts, I noted her deep knowledge of both higher education and the realities of executive leadership. Many times Audrey’s posts seemed to speak directly to my situation. Her sage wisdom and practical applications made Audrey an obvious choice when I found myself navigating territory where I needed an impartial, but seasoned voice to guide me.

Audrey’s approach to coaching is highly personalized and individualized. I appreciate that she sought to understand my needs and desired outcomes at the outset of the relationship. In my coaching sessions, Audrey demonstrated that she does indeed possess a profound understanding of the higher education landscape, comprehends the nuances of the executive role and recognizes what motivates and engages people. In addition, I found Audrey to be an empathic listener who asks well-considered questions and provides discerning insights. She did not give me the answers, but she did help me to discover them by doing my own reflective work.

If you choose to enter a coaching relationship with Audrey, you will need to be an active participant in the process. However if you do your part, she will absolutely do hers. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. I continue to benefit from the fantastic coaching that Audrey provided, and I highly recommend her services.”

- Shelia Higgs Burkhalter, Vice President for Student Affairs

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“Whether you are a new administrator or an experienced executive, I highly recommend working with Audrey for career coaching. Audrey has a nuanced understanding of the cultures and personalities which exist in institutions of higher education and the skills needed to effectively navigate such complex environments.

My coaching sessions with Audrey have helped guide me in deciding which goals to focus on and provided me with strategies and resources to get to these destinations strategically and efficiently. I have found that Audrey has successfully been able to individually tailor sessions to my own needs and consistently given me useful feedback. Her unique insight has helped me to navigate complex situations and ambiguous environments.

Most importantly, Audrey has helped me to find enjoyment in my career development process. It is for these reasons and others that I am grateful to Audrey.”

- Andre Foisy, Executive Director of Institutional Outcomes Assessment

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“I have actively sought the guidance of mentors, colleagues, and friends at each new stage of my career. In every case, I found love, emotional support, and opinions on everything from job searches to specific service opportunities I should – or shouldn’t? – take. What each bit of this very personal feedback lacked was the critical eye, honest feedback, and professional attention to detail that I so desperately needed. I wanted to make myself a better candidate, position myself well for my next steps, and make informed decisions about what was best for me. Better yet, I wanted straightforward advice that would prepare me to achieve my long-term professional aspirations.

Once I met Audrey, I knew I had found an unusual, and powerful, resource. Audrey was not invested in my personal life; she did not benefit from any promotion I might receive; and she did not need, because of any personal connections, to feed my ego or dance around tough subjects. No, in Audrey I found an advocate – for higher education, for administration, and for my professional growth. Audrey has pushed me to think carefully about my pathway(s) to leadership, and she has prepared me well for handling complex, interpersonal dynamics with empathy, intentionality, and inner-calm. Indeed, though Audrey has offered me a new lens with which to remember, strategically evolve, and broaden my experiences in higher education, her real power lies in her innate ability to be both a “truth-teller” and strategic partner. Her practice is, above all, heart-centered, and even during the most complicated conversations, I knew – without a doubt – that Audrey was giving feedback and guidance that would benefit me as a scholar, as an academic leader, and as a human. With Audrey, my “next steps” feel like leaps, and I am reinvigorated about my future as a woman in higher education.” 

- Donna Souder Hodge, Ph.D., Executive Director, Organizational Development and Special Assistant to the President

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“When I initially thought about coaching, I assumed that it was for people who were unhappy in their lives or with their job. That wasn't really me, but I was curious about the process, so I took advantage of the bonus session (that came with the time management course) to see what it was like. At the end of that hour, I knew that I had found someone who would listen to my thoughts without judgment, and would help me address the things that I knew, but didn't want to acknowledge. Choosing to work with Audrey has been the best decision that I've made in a long time - she doesn't make decisions for you, she helps you define what you want and develop strategies and tactics to meet your goals. I look forward to our coaching sessions because we always accomplish something new and have fun in the process. I've grown personally and professionally through my conversations with Audrey and I can't thank her enough!”

- Stacey Randall, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness & Title V Project Director

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Dr. Reille has a deep knowledge and understanding of the workings and culture of the California Community College System. She offers guidance and support and keeps you focused. When working with her, she believed in me and provided me with invaluable advice and strategies. Her coaching style is that of empowering me to recognize my strengths and potential in pursuit of professional growth and success. I highly recommend Dr. Reille to college administrators who are seeking advancement or who are in need of polishing their current skills.

- Dr. Karima Feldhus, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

“I am very grateful that a colleague connected me with Audrey. Audrey helped me navigate through a challenging time in my career and she played a crucial role in me being hired into a new position that I absolutely love. Our sessions helped me realize where I should be focusing my job hunt and how to accurately and honestly visualize myself when preparing my applications.

More importantly, Audrey helped me focus on the type of work that makes me happiest and where I am most successful while also helping me strengthen important skills. For example, she helped me better understand and improve my interactions with faculty, staff, and administrators. She has also helped me see how people, in addition to institutions, establish priorities and message themselves. This has led me to be a more effective persuader of and supporter of others.”

- David Vakil, Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

“Over the past several months I have been using Audrey’s coaching services with great success. Her insights and tools for stress reduction were exactly what I needed during my transition into a new leadership position. Audrey helped me navigate through the stormy waters of a new position, accreditation site visit, and increased responsibilities! I have already recommended her to colleagues and will continue to do so when given the chance.  I can’t say enough good words about my experience with Audrey’s coaching and online resources.”

- Dr. Kate Alder, Vice President of Instruction

“I was a Dean for over ten years at a college were faculty and administrators worked collaboratively. When I felt ready for a new challenge I accepted a VP position at a different institution. I had no idea what I was stepping into. The morale is low here and the organizational culture is filled with tension and conflict. Faculty are very suspicious of new hires, especially in administration and I faced hostility since day one. Having no experience working in this climate, I reached out to Audrey. 

She helped me understand what the most difficult people were thinking and what I could do to turn them into allies. We created strategies to build relationships based on trust and reciprocity. I really liked practicing and role-playing with Audrey before important meetings to refine my approach and choice of words. Audrey also helped me remain confident, not take anything personally and rise to the challenge. 

Another beneficial component was developing personal boundaries and structures so that I could be an effective leader without letting others control me. In four months of coaching my personal and professional growth has been tremendous. I learned new skills that will help me for the rest of my life. I strongly recommend Audrey for her expertise, her professionalism, and her cheerful attitude.”

- J. M., Vice-President of Academic Affairs

"I started working with Audrey after reading her guide to reduce stress in higher education. In the past, I had read books on time management, stress reduction, meditation, and so on but they weren't helpful. I thought Audrey would have more appropriate methods for the world of academia. Instead of telling me what to do, she asked me questions to discover the root of my problems. I came to realize the pressure I was feeling didn't come from my job but from myself. I had impossibly high standards and was obsessing over problems and challenges.

With new awareness and perspective, it became easy to make changes and to take care of myself better. Talking to Audrey every week helped me stay on track and keep making progress quickly. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive. No matter what I was going through she knew how to reduce the tension and show me what I could do to improve the situation. I also took Audrey's course on time optimization and that gave me dozens of new tools to reduce my workload and become more efficient."

- K.B., Dean of Student Services

"I decided to work with Audrey when I read her blog on completing dissertations quickly. With a demanding full-time job and a family, I had difficulty making time to work on my dissertation and seeing months and years passing gave me anxiety. I was hoping that having someone keep me accountable would help me but she did much more than that. She helped me focus on my priorities, makes changes in my job to keep my hours to 40/week, change my feelings about the dissertation, get organized and follow-through! I made more progress with her in two months than in the last two years. 

It is very clear that coaching is Audrey's passion. She is highly invested in my goals and having her on my success team makes a huge difference. In addition to our coaching sessions, she checks on me by email and sends me motivational and funny messages to stay focused on my goals. I didn't know I could find a coach with expertise in high performance, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, a background in higher ed, and even a spiritual component for those who want it. She is one of a kind and I highly encourage you to give coaching a try."

- V.M., Director of Advancement

“Leadership in university administration sometimes seems like a daunting task. Solving everyone’s problems, feeling like one needs to be accessible 24/7, and working plenty of extra hours, - with no time off – have you been there?  Dr. Audrey Reille helped me realize that these were all myths. Through her expert coaching, support, and methods of empowerment, I came to realize I had more control over my work life and choices than I had believed. Throughout her coaching sessions, I found she was there for me 110% each and every time - where I came away with a new perception of myself and my leadership capabilities. She gave me advice as a friend, as a cheerleader, and as a coach. She does it all!”

- Dr. Benedict C. Albensi, Professor of Pharmacology and Dementia Research Chair

“Audrey's arrival in my life was a blessing from the universe! Her serendipitous message via LinkedIn and an affinity group she founded could not have happened at a better time. I was in a painfully long job search in academia and her coaching acumen, as well as her experience in my field, served to bring me to confidence and perspective that ultimately served to open new opportunities and keep me engaged during the process. She was a guiding light out of a dark place to show me how the process itself was serving me - and I gained a position that is a great fit in an organization in which I truly believe.”

- Dr. Elisebeth VanderWeil, Associate Dean