Speaking Engagements

Dr. Audrey Reille delivers engaging, motivational, and educational presentations and workshops customized to the audience's needs and learning objectives. She brings expertise in higher education leadership, peak performance, self-empowerment, and humor to every event. 


Embracing Change 

Change is a good thing but rarely seen as such. It is natural for managers, faculty, and staff to fear the unknown and be resistant to change, but it does not have to be that way. Audrey will show you how to bring reassurance, motivate your teams to own the new decisions as if they were theirs, and step up to make the changes successful. 

Compassionate Leadership 

The first step to empowering employees to improve their work performance is to discover what they think and feel. Audrey will show you how to uncover what is in the hearts and minds of your team members so that you can help them express their full potential, improve morale, increase loyalty, and encourage innovation. 

Time Management/Organization

Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. Audrey will not only reveal effective time optimization strategies but also explain why people don't implement what they know and how to overcome unconscious patterns that create self-sabotage. Attendees will understand what drives their decisions and behaviors and how to regain control over their schedule to create work-life balance. 

Servant Leaders' Mindset

When individuals in leadership roles focus on the self and worry about what people think of them, or how to show they are worthy of their title, or how to fee safe, or how to avoid conflict, and so on, they can't serve their institution at a high level. Audrey will explain how shifting focus from the self to service to others is the key to exceptional leadership, increasing confidence, and reducing stress.


Heavy workloads, pressure and stress can make leaders lose their ability to respond to situations with emotional intelligence. Being triggered, impatient, non-supportive, or angry should not be tolerated. Audrey will show you how to change thought patterns, disempowering beliefs, and old habits to respond to situations with mindfulness and positive intentions. 

Custom Presentation

Audrey can create a custom presentation for you, related to any of her articles and other areas of expertise. Please send us a message and we will schedule a call to discuss your needs and goals.