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Archived Q&A

Q&A video for the self-paced coaching program: “How to Accomplish More in Less Time in Higher Ed Administration” with Dr. Audrey Reille


Audrey answered the following questions submitted by program participants.

1.    “You make an important distinction between the time spent working versus the time spent thinking about work. How do I stop thinking about work when I am home?”

2.    “Thank you for sharing Parkinson's law. I think it’s a real problem in higher ed. We take too long to complete things. How can I change the culture?”

3.    “Thank you for your advice on making meetings more productive. That was priceless!”

4.    “How do you stop someone from taking too much time at meetings, especially when they are off topic?”

5.    “How do I reduce interruptions? I can’t control how my days go because people show up in my office with questions and tend to overstay their welcome.”

6.    “I signed up for the program but I can’t find the time to start it. Help!”

7.    “About work-life balance: how do I know if I am doing it right?”

8.    “I implemented what you said and now I can leave the office on time almost every day but I worry that people will think that I am not as committed as I used to be.”

9.    “For what type of project should I use your outcome-driven framework?”

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