Stress Reduction

This coaching program is tailored to the particular situations administrators face in higher education. Colleges and universities have structures, bureaucratic processes, budgets, sub-cultures, contracts, rules, politics, and governance that make administrators’ work extremely complex.

Administrators often find themselves responsible for things they cannot control. They have to take into consideration multiple stakeholders (e.g. leadership team, Board, students, faculty, staff, managers, the public, government, external partners etc.) and deal with a wide range of personalities. The workload seems endless and high performers tend to be rewarded with even more work and responsibilities. It is fair to say, it is a high stress environment!

The good news is that stress is preventable!

Stress is not caused by outside circumstances but by the meaning we create in our minds and our perceived ability to solve the problems we face. One situation can be stressful to one person and exciting to another. When a situation arises, people who feel disempowered will experience more stress than those who have different thinking patterns and know they can handle anything. 

This Coaching Program Is Perfect For You If

  • You feel overworked, overwhelmed, or maybe even powerless over certain problems and dynamics.

  • You tend to worry about upcoming meetings, deadlines, dynamics with other people in the workplace, or your ability to achieve what is important.

  • Perhaps you disagree with some decisions made by others or are challenged by new policies or systems.

  • You might have a hard time dealing with particular individuals on campus whose behaviors affect your work.

  • You take pride in your work and have high standards but want to discover how to continue to do outstanding work without it taking a toll on your well-being.

  • You want to have more influence on campus and be able to effect change.

How We Will Work Together

This is a one-on-one coaching program, giving us the flexibility to personalize our sessions to your unique goals, circumstances, and personal preferences. This program includes 12 one-hour sessions (by phone). Depending on how quickly you want to change how you feel, reclaim your personal power, and transform situations and dynamics, you can choose to do it in 3 months or 6 months.

Our work together will include gaining new perspectives, finding opportunities to effect change, interpersonal relationships, mindset, self-empowerment, self-care, mindfulness, and personal transformation. We will design your personalized coaching program during our first coaching session and make adjustments when needed. 

Note: Stress can be aggravated by an excessive workload. If you are also interested in my Time Optimization Coaching Program, we can create a hybrid program based on your unique needs and preferences. 

What to Expect

During each session you will discover a technique to reduce stress and you will have time to implement it before the next appointment. It is important for you to be willing to practice what you learn to develop new skills and habits that will completely transform how you feel at work – even if outside circumstances don’t change.

Together, we will develop a plan of action before any situation you find stressful, such as a meeting with your supervisor or your staff. You will learn new ways to improve your professional relationships and have more influence.

You will also develop new self-care habits to reduce stress, take care of your emotional needs, and give your body a chance to relax. Be ready to experience emotional relief very quickly and be energized by your commitment to feeling good and thriving in your career. 

The Best Investment You Can Ever Make

The best investment you can ever make is in your health and well-being. Experiencing high levels of stress continually is not sustainable. It often leads to health problems, weight gains, and sleep deprivation. Don’t let it get to that! The sooner you master the art of preventing stress, the better!

You will be doing this for yourself and for your loved ones. Stress in the workplace tends to permeate our personal lives and affect personal relationships. By getting rid of stress, you will have more energy and more attention to give to your loved ones. Also remember that if you let yourself become a martyr, you teach others that martyrdom is acceptable. You are a role model so give yourself permission to take care of your needs so that you can model health, balance, and confidence.

Ask yourself: How would your life transform is you could feel empowered, secure, and stress-free? What is your emotional well-being worth?  It is invaluable, isn't it? Coaching package rates range from $500 to $900 per month, which is a small investment to transform your life and career. Your institution may have professional development funds available for coaching, so make sure to check with your supervisor before we get started. You may not even have any out of pocket expenses at all!

How to Get Started

Click on the button below to view my calendar and make an appointment for a free consultation by phone. If none of the times available are convenient for you, click here to send me a message with your availability and time zone. I will do my absolute best to accommodate you.

During our initial call, we will talk about your goals, how to reach them, and if I feel 100% confident that I can help you get the results you desire, I will recommend the coaching package best suited for you. You will then decide if you want to move forward and work with me to live a stress-free life and thrive in your career.