Finding Freedom in Self-Discipline

Most people procrastinate on tasks that they don’t want to do. They wait until the last minute possible or don’t even do it at all. They are under the illusion that avoiding the task is freeing but it’s actually the complete opposite. 

In reality, discipline creates freedom.

Does it sound counter-intuitive? Think about it for a second. When you decide that you are going to do something but you don’t do it, how does that make you feel? Most people feel guilty because they are letting themselves down and will have to deal with the consequences later.

Pushing back a task can create a sense of heaviness and the longer you wait, the harder it will be to finally do it.

I bet you can recall many times that you waited to do something, you made it really big in your head, and when you finally did it, it wasn’t that bad! But the heaviness and anxiety that you created by waiting made the overall experience painful.

If you choose to be more disciplined you can create freedom by getting things done, giving yourself freedom to move on to something more fun guilt-free.

As you read these words, if you are feeling some sort of resistance, it’s because of old beliefs you need to let go. Perhaps when you were a kid you had to do your homework before being allowed to play, or you had to eat your vegetables before you could have dessert.

But this is different. You are an adult now and everything on your to-do list is a result of decisions you have made (directly or indirectly). You chose what to put on your plate. Nobody is forcing broccoli down your throat. If something is on your plate, you had reasons to put it there and waiting won’t make them go away.

There is power in owning your decisions and keeping your word.

Remind yourself of why this task is on your to-do list. What is your purpose? If you can’t find a good reason, then maybe you can forget the task altogether. But if there is a strong meaning for you, focus on the goal and power through the task. You will thank yourself later (very soon).

Just take a minute or two to reconnect with your purpose and think about how accomplished and free you will feel, and get to work! Don’t give yourself an out. Don’t ask yourself if you are in the mood or if you’d rather do something else. Just do it! You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish in a week.

If you make excuses, you lie to yourself, letting yourself down, being a bad role model, and self-sabotaging. Sounds awful doesn’t it? I am being a bit dramatic here because I am trying to make a point, an important one. There are many degrees of resistance and hopefully yours is low.

You deserve to feel free. You deserve to keep the promises you made to yourself. 

If you think you are doing really well in that arena, congratulations, but if you have the courage to look closely, you may still find ways that you create pain by ignoring things that need your attention. We all do it at times.

Myself, I am a total time management freak. People close to me are often amused by it! My brain works like a giant spreadsheet. If you tell me what you want to see done in three months, my mind immediately sees all the steps and timelines and I have never missed a deadline in my life.

But do I ever push back tasks when I feel resistance? Of course I do! When I am not interested in something, I have a hard time committing to it. But if something is important, I know that sooner or later I’ll have to deal with the consequences and I prefer to prevent problems than having to solve them later, so I use self-discipline.

It truly is a great source of freedom. Try it!

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