7 Signs that Predict whether you will Succeed or Fail

Over the years, coaching administrators and other professionals, I have observed 7 signs that predict success accurately. Some people are naturally predisposed to excel in some of these 7 areas, and others have to work at them, but they are within reach for anyone who really wants to succeed and is willing to stretch and grow. Your level of mastery will determine your success or failure as well as how quickly you will reach your goals.

The good news is you have the power to commit to developing these 7 areas and create the success you’ve always wanted.

1. Willingness to Take Responsibility

Your willingness to take responsibility for all aspects of your life is #1 because it has implications on absolutely everything. When you don’t take responsibility and hide behind excuses or put the blame on other people, events or circumstances, you are choosing to be helpless. You eliminate the pressure of having to do step up but you create a losing situation.

On the other hand, when you choose to take responsibility, you reclaim your personal power. That allows you problem solve, take action, and always think in empowered ways. So don’t waste time complaining about what happened to you but put your energy on deciding what you are going to do about it. Choose how to respond. There is always something within your power.

2. Sense of Purpose

When someone has a strong desire and compelling reason to accomplish something that is in alignment with their values, priorities and purpose, they can be unstoppable. Whereas when a person tries to accomplish something that isn’t what they are really meant to do, they will run out of steam quickly and not reach the finish line.

Next time you tell yourself you should do something, question if it’s really true. If you realize that this obligation comes from someone else’s belief that you should do it, or if you can’t get motivated because a part of you knows that this isn’t your path, simply let it go. You will then find clarity on what your real purpose is.

3. Ability to Focus

Most people pursue far too many goals at once and never reach any because their energy and their work are too scattered. Being able to prioritize and focus on activities directly related to your goal is essential to its achievement. It’s a simple concept in theory but I see many people struggle with this because they don’t know how to say no. They are afraid to disappoint someone, or to miss out on an opportunity, or sometimes they lack direction, and are all over the place.

Take a minute to list your top 3 goals and from now on, before you agree to take on another project or task, make sure it is in alignment with your goals. If not, it’s merely a distraction.

4. Decisiveness

Have you heard of paralysis by analysis? Taking too long to make a decision will always cost you because you will miss opportunities and waste valuable time letting your mind go back and forth, unable to move forward. Obtain enough information to make an informed decision, then say yes or say no, but decide. If you wait until the outcome is guaranteed you will never do anything. Not deciding is putting yourself through mental torture, only to guarantee that you will create more doubt and more fear.

If one thing causes you to hesitate, then get resources or information to overcome that one obstacle but don’t use it as an excuse to stay in limbo. Also remember that it is ok to make mistakes and turn them into valuable lessons. The only useless mistake is waiting. Everything else will give you new insights, strengths, perspectives, or opportunities.

5. Persistence

The most successful people are quick to make a decision but slow to change it. They understand the value of persistence. Things rarely work out on the first try. Most worthy achievements involve a learning curve and you must be willing to keep going even when things get tough. Be smart about it, learn, grow, become more savvy and strategic but don’t give up.

Too many people fail because they stopped too soon. Don’t be one of them. Remember, you are never really stuck. Feeling stuck or defeated only means that you need more perspective to uncover new possibilities and alternatives.

6. Feedback Loop

You must be willing to listen to what your co-workers, customers, business partners, or other stakeholders are telling you. If your ego stops you from listening to valuable feedback, you won’t succeed. Don’t see it as criticism from others, but intelligence and data to use to your advantage.

Get more information on what you can improve and cultivate a culture of continued improvements and innovation. That is true for all goals, not only work-related ones. Pay attention to your relationships and communication with all the people involved in your endeavor. Be willing to truly listen and learn how to be more effective.

7. Continued Learning

People who think they know enough and don’t want to learn more are delusional. Everything is in flux. Technology alone changes how everything is done, from business, to relationships, to entertainment. As long as you are still breathing, you have more to learn. Focus on personal development, professional development, industry trends, and changes in society, culture, and technology. You don’t know how much you don’t know. Once you make a habit to stretch and grow, you will accomplish extraordinary things that your mind can even fathom today.

Take a moment to reflect on these points. Where do you excel? Where do you need to challenge yourself more? That will give you a roadmap to feeling confident, successful, and on top of the world like the lady on the picture. She is not worried about falling. She is not worried about the dark clouds. She knows that she is unstoppable.

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