How to Get Your Dissertation DONE In a Timely Manner

When you completed your coursework, you had classes to attend, papers to write by specific deadlines, and while it required much work and dedication, somehow, it was easier than writing your dissertation. If you want to get your dissertation done so that you can finally graduate and live happily ever after, follow these steps.

18 Tips on What to Do If Procrastination Is Weighing You Down

It is common for people to spend a significant amount of time feeling bad about things they think they “should” do but they are not doing. Sometimes, they spend more time thinking about it than the time it would actually take to get the tasks done. Find out how to end procrastination. 

Why You Shouldn't Wait for a Door to Close to Open Another

When a door closes, we suddenly find ourselves without something that we need, which creates a void and urgency to fill that void. Being passive and avoiding seeing the truth is no longer an option. Finding a new door becomes time sensitive and cannot be pushed back to someday… Don't wait for that moment. Knock on new doors now.