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What to Do If Your Job Search in Higher Ed Admin Is Taking Too Long

Back when you went to your very first interview, you felt excited and confident. But now, at this point in your search, you feel discouraged and almost hopeless. Your mind is going crazy trying to understand what the problem is. You look for something to blame.

Part 1: Must Read BEFORE You Decide to Apply for a Job in Higher Ed Admin

Here are some ideas I wish every person seeking a leadership position in higher ed administration would consider before applying.  1. Don’t follow general job hunting advice. Most job hunting advice is written for students entering the workforce and adults in the private sector.

5 Steps to Boosting Your Self-Confidence before a Job Interview

If you are looking to get a new job, it is critical to work on your self-confidence even before you start updating your resume. Your confidence level will determine how you present yourself, what jobs you choose to apply for, as well as how impressive or compelling your application will be.