Must Read if You Recently Accepted a New Position in Higher Ed Admin

You felt it was time for a new job. You applied for a higher level position in administration and were offered the position. Congratulations! It is celebration time but instead of feeling happy and confident, you feel intimidated.

What To Do If You Got Your DREAM Job and It’s Giving You NIGHTMARES

Even though you met or exceeded all job requirements, nothing prepared you for the stress, politics, and mind-games you have to navigate on a daily basis. You wake up in the morning with a knot in your stomach, secretly wishing you could go back to your old job. But you can’t. Here is what to do instead.

Part 2: Must Read AFTER You Decide to Apply for a Job in Higher Ed Admin

Cover letters that repeat what is on your resume and list facts without explaining why they matter and what the implications are, completely miss their purpose. Your letter is an opportunity to show not only experience and accomplishments but also your leadership style, your core values, and what the institution could expect if they hired you.