10 Reasons Why People Hold On To Their Problems and How To Stop

It sounds like a ridiculous question, doesn’t it? Who in their right mind would choose to keep having problems instead of enjoying a blissful life? Actually, almost everybody does. Having problems – I am not talking about tragedies but everyday problems – come with a variety of payoffs.

How to Say NO Guilt-Free

When you know, logically or intuitively, that what is being asked isn’t right for you, you owe it to yourself to look for reasons (not excuses but compelling reasons) to say no. Stop feeling obligated. Don’t say yes to a request if it means saying no to yourself! Learn how to do it guilt-free!

How to Reclaim Your Personal Power – in Higher Ed Admin and Beyond

The key to reclaiming your personal power is deciding to take responsibility for everything in your life. If you blame someone or something, you may feel off the hook but taking the role of a victim takes away your ability to change what is happening. Learn how to live empowered. 

Only What You Allow Continues – And How to Make it Stop!

You get what you tolerate and what you allow continues. Learn how you can reclaim your personal power at work and create healthy boundaries and new habits to stop unwanted behaviors from others. You don't have to suffer anymore. Take back control where you can.