conflict resolution

What To Do If You Got Your DREAM Job and It’s Giving You NIGHTMARES

Even though you met or exceeded all job requirements, nothing prepared you for the stress, politics, and mind-games you have to navigate on a daily basis. You wake up in the morning with a knot in your stomach, secretly wishing you could go back to your old job. But you can’t. Here is what to do instead.

How to Build Strong Professional Relationships on Campus

In higher education, some issues call for a top-down management style while others require shared governance and foster expectations of a bottom-up approach. Whose opinion matters? Everyone’s.  To be successful in higher education, leaders need to demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence and ability to prevent conflict.

Only What You Allow Continues – And How to Make it Stop!

You get what you tolerate and what you allow continues. Learn how you can reclaim your personal power at work and create healthy boundaries and new habits to stop unwanted behaviors from others. You don't have to suffer anymore. Take back control where you can.