Stress Reduction

10 Ways to Stop Someone from Pushing your Buttons

The behaviors affecting you aren’t outrageous but the repetition has made you hyper-sensitive. Each occurrence seems to reactivate the unpleasant emotions created by past incidents. Learn how to de-activate the triggers and find inner peace. 

What To Do If You Got Your DREAM Job and It’s Giving You NIGHTMARES

Even though you met or exceeded all job requirements, nothing prepared you for the stress, politics, and mind-games you have to navigate on a daily basis. You wake up in the morning with a knot in your stomach, secretly wishing you could go back to your old job. But you can’t. Here is what to do instead.

10 Easy Ways to Quiet Your Mind

Does it feel like your mind is always going, analyzing, planning and problem-solving? Or even worse, worrying, thinking of bad things that could happen, and creating stress? Keeping your mind on overdrive may seem normal to busy people but it is not a healthy thing to do. Discover 10 easy ways to quiet your mind.

How to Say NO Guilt-Free

When you know, logically or intuitively, that what is being asked isn’t right for you, you owe it to yourself to look for reasons (not excuses but compelling reasons) to say no. Stop feeling obligated. Don’t say yes to a request if it means saying no to yourself! Learn how to do it guilt-free!